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Maximize Your Singapore Online Casino Bonus With 6 Amazing Tips

It is very common for Singapore online casinos to promote casino bonuses as it is considered a marketing tool to attract new players. It is the most popular way. Many players use the casino bonus to consider if they like this Singapore online casino, as it is a reward to extend their bankroll or maximize their playing time.

Singapore online casino bonuses come in a different forms. Depending on the casino bonus types, it is given to new and existing players.

The most common Singapore online casino includes:

  • No Deposit Bonus: You must register to claim the bonus without making any deposit.
  • Match bonus: The Singapore online casino matches your first deposit with a fixed percentage.
  • Cashback: Cashback is an online casino bonus for getting back a certain rate of your losses.
  • Welcome bonus: Welcome bonus is for new players who registered for the first time.
  • Loyalty bonus: For long-term players. Usually, there will have free spins, free play, or real money based on the casino.

You can’t withdraw your online casino bonus directly to your bank account. There are certain terms and conditions that you need to follow when you claim your online casino bonus.

But how do you really maximize your Singapore online casino bonus to get the biggest chance to win? Here are some tips you want to read through before claiming your bonus.

Singapore Online Casino Bonus #1: Check Bonus Percentage And The Maximum Amount

Singapore Online Casino

To maximize your Singapore online casino bonus, you first need to check the bonus percentage and the maximum amount. Most Singapore online casinos match the first deposit by 100%. Some may even go up to 150% or 200%. The amount depends on the casino.

You can calculate the first deposit amount by taking into account the bonus percentage and the maximum amount.

For example, if the bonus percentage is 150% and the maximum bonus is $150, the optimal deposit amount is $100. The amount you can get into your account is $100 deposit + $150 bonus = $ 250.

Singapore Online Casino Bonus #2: Review The Terms And Conditions

Singapore Online Casino

Many players tend to forget to review the terms and conditions for the Singapore online casino bonus. You must remember that you must meet certain requirements to claim the bonus.

Another thing you’ll need to note is that you must bet a certain time before you’re able to withdraw it. Depending on the online casino, the requirement may be between 25x and 50x.

The betting requirement is usually written in terms and conditions. MD88online is a  trustable Singapore online casino that will have clear terms and conditions for you to read. Another way to find out is to ask the helpdesk. They are always willing to help you.

Singapore Online Casino Bonus #3: Don't Abuse The Bonus

Singapore Online Casino

Singapore online casinos always love new players to register at their casino, they will go to great lengths to attract them, but they do not love abusers.

To avoid bonus abusers, online casinos always implement additional rules to prevent players from abusing using the bonus. One common rule is that you can’t exceed the maximum stake using the bonus money.

The casino will see you as a potential bonus abuser if you exceed the maximum stake. Do check the terms and conditions to understand more.

It is best not to try to outsmart the online casino. They know all your tricks and will ban you from entering the casino and forfeit all your winning, even your deposit, if they find out.

Singapore Online Casino Bonus #4: Do Not Play Just For Bonus

Singapore Online Casino

Don’t choose a Singapore online casino just because of the attractive bonus. There may be a chance that you win big by meeting the requirements and want to cash out. But you found out that there is a maximum amount that you can withdraw using the casino bonus.

You may even realize that the online casino is not reliable, and you will have to go through many ways to get them to pay you. There are chances that you may not even get your winnings.

Bonus can be a factor for you in choosing an online casino, but it is not the only factor. It is critical to find a safe and reliable online casino like MD88online.

Singapore Online Casino Bonus #5: You Can Decline A Bonus

Singapore Online Casino

Always bear in mind that you have the right to reject the online casino bonus. You don’t have to accept everything, although playing your favorite online casino games is an additional bonus.

A bonus allows you to play with extra time and a chance to win more, but if you don’t want to go through all the hassle to meet the betting requirement, you might not want to take the bonus.

You can ask the helpdesk for help, such as removing any online casino bonuses before you start playing your online casino games.

Singapore Online Casino Bonus #6: Play Free Spin With Online Slot

Singapore Online Casino

If you love to play slots, free spin bonuses are something you will always have fun with. They are free, and you may even have a chance to try out new slots.

Some online casinos offer free spins bonuses without any betting requirements. You can cash out immediately if you win anything from the free spin. But make sure you have read through the terms and conditions. You will also have a good chance to cash out by choosing low or medium-variance slots.


It can be interesting to use a bonus in any Singapore online casino. Besides having excitement in the casino, the reason that makes you continue to play in an online casino is to win real cash. Make sure you understand all the bonus terms and conditions and play in a reliable casino, such as MD88online.

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