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It is important to know when to stop hitting in online Blackjack. There are two important decision to make when playing Blackjack. One is hit and one is stand. It depends on the situation and the strategy that the player is using.

To ‘hit’ means to ask for another card. To ‘stand’ means they remain their current total and end their game

You will need to know when to stop hitting in Blackjack. This is to avoid busting and improve your chances of winning. So how do you know when to stop hitting in Blackjack, we will tell you in this article. 

Free Blackjack Games: When Do You Stop Hitting In Blackjack?

Stop Hitting In Blackjack

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Hitting is a most common action to take in Blackjack, but there are certain situation which you need to decide to stop hitting in Blackjack. Here are some situation you should stop hitting in Blackjack:

  • You have a hard total of 17+
  • You have a total of 13+ against the dealer’s 2-6
  • You have a soft 20, which is an Ace-9
  • You have a total of 12+ against the dealer’s 4-6
  • You have a soft 18 with A7 against the dealer’s 2, 7 and 8
  • You have a soft 19 with A8 unless you are doubling against a 6 in a table where the dealer has to hit a soft 17

You will need to know what is a soft hand. A soft hand is where one of the two cards is an ace. Ace can be counted as either a 1 or 11. You will have some flexibility in it.

Now let’s talk about a hard hand in blackjack. A hard hand is where neither of the two cards is an Ace. 

This is a more complicated situation. You will want to stop hitting in Blackjack if you notice the dealer holds a 5 or a 6. 

This is because the dealer has a higher chance of going bust. The important thing when playing Blackjack is that we don’t risk going bust ourselves. 

If you think the dealer has a higher chance of going bust, than stop hitting in Blackjack. This is how you automatically win.

Play Blackjack Online: The Only Reason to Hit It Hard!

Stop Hitting In Blackjack

The reason you hit is to improve your hand. If you burst yourself if you draw a card for any other reason. Your goal in blackjack is to get your score as close to 21 as possible without bursting to get a higher score than the dealer.

The average blackjack winning hand usually hits just over 18. It is best to strive to improve your score to reach 19. 

But should you stop hitting in Blackjack when the count is 17 or higher? 

When you reach 17 points, it will be harder to improve your hand as too many cards in the deck may cause you to burst. 

You should assume the dealer’s unrevealed card is a ten. So add 10 to the dealer’s face-up card to calculate his total score.

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Stop Hitting In Blackjack

(Two Moments When To Stop Hitting In Blackjack)


There are only two moments that you want to stop hitting in blackjack:

  1. You think you are able to beat the dealer’s score.
  2. You think the croupier will lose.

Blackjack is a mathematical game. The game is based on a special set of mathematical principles. 

Different from players, the dealer must always draw at 16 or less and stop at 17 or more. 

You must be self-disciplined when you play Blackjack at MD88online. It is important to know when to stop hitting in Blackjack in order to win.

Odds Of Dealer To Bust-Out

Stop Hitting In Blackjack

One mistake that players often missed is that they do not assume the dealer has a ten in their hand. 30% of the time, dealer will have a ten. 28% of the time dealer has a chance to burst.

The lower the card the dealer’s have, their bust-out rates will be higher. Cards 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 have a bust-out rate 35.30%, 37.56%, 42.28%, 42.89%, and 42.08% respectively. 

When deciding when to stop hitting in Blackjack, a blackjack player will need to consider his own bust rates. If the chance of bursting is higher than the dealer, the player should stop hitting in blackjack.

Deviations In Hit And Stand (play blackjack with real money )

Stop Hitting In Blackjack

You need to know the basic rules of Blackjack strategy before playing at MD88online. There are several situations where you need to deviate in hitting or standing.

For example, when the dealer shows ten, you should draw at 16.

 Many players lose in this case as if they stop at a total of 16 against the dealer’s ten; this may be a dead-end path.  

Players should remember to assume that the dealer has a 10 hidden. 

This gives him a total of 20. If you are holding a 16 – you’re deadlocked. 

Players will lose in most cases, no matter if they hit or stand. 

You can only draw at 16 and hope for the best. It won’t help much, but you may have a little chance to improve your hand.

Making the Right Decision (free to play blackjack online games)

Stop Hitting In Blackjack

It is very difficult to make a decision when you need to stop hitting in blackjack. Before you make a decision when you are playing at MD88, you must evaluate the information you have. Observe your hand and the dealer’s hand.

 No one makes the right choice all the time. The winners make the right decisions most of the time. They decide when to stop hitting in Blackjack based solely on the available information.

Everybody wants to win. Blackjack is one of the popular online gambling games that many people choose to play. If you want to win long-term, you will need to make the right decision on when to stop hitting in Blackjack. You can learn your blackjack skills at MD88online.

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