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Win Roulette Online On Every Spin: 5 Best Tips

Roulette is one of the most accessible and popular casino games. It has become a popular game in Malaysia online casinos too. But this game is mainly based on luck, and it is hard to predict which number will the white ball land on. Is it possible to win roulette online?

Before discussing the chance to win roulette online, you must understand that roulette online is a probability online casino game. You need to understand the odds before you start at MD88online and improve your chance of winning roulette online.

To maximize your winning in roulette online, we will be giving some tips, and the best advice will be on your betting size and managing the risk.

Control Your Bet Size To Win Roulette Online

Win Roulette Online

Controlling your bet size during gambling is the most important rule, and this applies not only to roulette online and all the casino games at MD88online. Limit your bet amount while playing roulette online, and don’t try to lose more than that.

For example, you brought RM100 to play and expect to win roulette online. The last thing you want to do is bet all your RM100 on the first bet. If you lose, you won’t have any chance to continue and what you will do next.

If you want more chances to win roulette online, take a small amount from your available cash to bet. Let’s say maybe RM10 a time. You may lose on the first bet, but you will have a chance to win it back.

Win Roulette Online By Understanding The Odds

Win Roulette Online

There are many types of bets in roulette online. Some will have lower odds as they are 50/50 chances of winning. It will be red or black, odd or even. The odds will be higher if you want to bet on a single number, but you will need to be lucky to win.

When you understand the probabilities, your chance of winning roulette online will be higher. It will be much better to place your bet on the 50/50 shot rather than on a single number. It will give you more chances to win roulette online. 

Here are some of the probabilities for the bets, and you have an idea of how much you will want to bet.

    • Single number 35/1
    • Split (two numbers) 17/1
    • Street (a row) 11/1
    • Corner (four numbers) 8/1
    • Line, covering two rows 5/1
    • Red/black and odd/even 1/1
    • High/low 1/1
    • Columns 2/1
    • Dozens 2/1

If you happen to make a winning in roulette online, don’t try your luck to increase your bets. It is better to stick or decrease your chances and protect your winnings.

Win Roulette Online By Trying Different Betting System

Win Roulette Online

Have you seen players who won roulette online but altered their bets? Most probably, they have some specific betting system. There are several betting systems out there for you to win roulette online. Some will want you to bet more when you lose and lesser when you win. Some are the opposite.

Every betting system is different, but don’t just choose any method as it may work for others but may not work for you. There is no betting system for roulette online being proven to work. Some are even useless. Even those using mathematical basics aren’t working when you are making a roulette strategy to win roulette online.

Here’s another piece of advice if you want to win roulette online. Play European roulette. European roulette has only one green zero pockets. The house edge is 2.7%. But for American roulette has double zero pockets, and the house edge is 5.25%.

Biased Wheels Don't Exist For You To Win Roulette Online

Win Roulette Online

In landed-casino, some people won in roulette because of a biased wheel. Some numbers just pop up more than others. Sometimes, a micro dent can alter the ball’s movements after the ball hits the wheel. Some wheels may not be perfectly flat. This causes some numbers to occur more than others.

This can happen in landed-casino, but don’t hope it happens in online casinos. Online roulette uses a random number generator, so it will be hard for the same number to come out too often. It will be a waste of time to win roulette online by thinking there will be some bias in online casinos. It is best to stick to a disciplined betting system that helps you win roulette online at MD88online.

Psychology Affects How You Win Roulette Online

Win Roulette Online

Sometimes it is hard to control your emotions or make a correct decision when playing a game in Malaysia online casino. But if you want to win roulette online, you will need to have some basic self-control.

First of all, you need to learn when to walk away. Whether making a good profit or losing, you need to know when to stop. You will not keep winning even if you are lucky.

Secondly, if you continuously lose the game, you must know when to stop. Don’t increase your bet to chase back your losses. You may lose more than what you have, and you will make bad decisions.

Every player will want someone to tell them some strategy to win roulette online, especially beginners. But the fact is that not everyone will win roulette online often. If you follow the guideline in this article, you will likely win roulette often. Overall, roulette online is a great online casino game for everyone. You can try it out at MD88.

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