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Spot Bluff In Online Poker: 6 Best Ways To Find Out

It is a common trick to bluff in online poker. If you want to win the game, it is important to bluff in online poker. You will need to lie confidently. But do you know how to spot one at MD88online?

Spotting bluff in online poker is also important as you don’t want to walk into the trap of your opponents. To develop as a successful player, you need to identify if you have been bluffing in your game.

Spotting bluff in online poker is more about using your HUD to spot the timing and your opponent’s betting pattern. Here is some way where you can spot bluff in online poker at MD88online. It doesn’t always work, but it will help you as you enjoy your favorite online casino game.

Why Should You Bluff In Online Poker?

Bluff In Online Poker

You may wonder why you need to bluff in online poker, especially if you are a beginner in Malaysia online casinos.

The idea of bluffing is actually an opportunity for you to make a profitable bet. If you based only on your online poker strategy, it is easy for your opponent to read you. This is a common mistake that a beginner usually makes.

Most beginners either bluff too much or are not bluffing enough. You will need to find an excellent opportunity to bluff to win the game.

Spot Bluff In Online Poker #1 - Act Too Quickly

Bluff In Online Poker

It is important to learn to pick up on timing tell for online poker. One simple way to spot a bluff in online poker is acting too quickly. This often happens when your opponent calls you preflop and bets you on the flop.

Acting too quickly is a sign of weakness. They don’t have the patience to play the hand. A person who has a strong hand would take a moment to think about how to get a profitable bet.

Most players won’t try to bluff into multiple people. As you play the game, you will notice that some players are doing something similar against others. You will want to take note as they may use the same strategy on you.

Spot Bluff In Online Poker #2 - Raise Flop Percentage Above 20%

Bluff In Online Poker

One good point about playing online poker is using a HUD to spot bluffs in online poker. It can spot if there are any irregularities in your opponent’s play.

Another thing you can look into to spot bluff in online poker is the rise of flop percentage. Most players will raise their flop by around 10%. They will raise their flop. Most probably, they have a good hand.

But for anyone who raises their flop above 20%, most of the time, the player is bluffing. Most probably, they are holding a regular flush or a straight draw.

You will need to note that raising the flop percentage above 20% doesn’t mean he is bluffing. It’s just that the chances are higher to bluff in online poker.

Spot Bluff In Online Poker #3 - Weird Bet Sizing

Bluff In Online Poker

This is another common way to spot bluff in online poker. But you will want to take note that for beginners who are still figuring out what is the proper bet sizing, sometimes they may cause “bad beats.” These players may not realize that their bet sizing causes misunderstanding among others.

You can consider this a classic bully behavior. Your opponents know that they are weak and may not win. So they try to scare you because they are scared.

Spot Bluff In Online Poker #4 - Story Doesn't Make Sense

Bluff In Online Poker

You need to understand the strategy that your opponent is playing. Playing online poker is like telling a story. You will need a good start and continue your story logically. If it doesn’t make sense, your opponent is likely bluffing.

You will want to see how your opponent is playing and try to read their cards as you play. If their story doesn’t make sense, be careful not to be cheated.

Spot Bluff In Online Poker #5 - High Aggression Factor

Bluff In Online Poker

The aggression factor will be another way to spot bluff in poker. It may be a bluff if your opponent’s aggression rate is too high.

The aggression factor is based on how often your opponent bets and raises after the flop. The standard aggression factor will be two, which means they make two bets or raises. Those who have an aggression factor of 3 and higher may be betting too much. The more they bet, the more bluff there will be in the game.

Spot Bluff In Online Poker #6 - 3Bet Percentage

Bluff In Online Poker

Another way to spot bluff in online poker is to look at your opponent’s 3Bet percentage by position using your HUD. Don’t just look at the 3Bet percentage stat if you are using the method. You will only know half of the story.

If you have a larger sample size on your opponent, pull up the popup display on your HUD to check the position. You may find significant statistical irregularities occasionally, which indicate that they are bluffing in the game.

You will want to remember that spotting a bluff in online poker is just part of your strategy. These tips help you spot one, but it doesn’t mean it is always a bluff. A good online poker player doesn’t bluff all the time.

Pay attention to your opponent and see if there are any sudden changes in their behavior. This will help you to analyze your game better at MD88online.

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