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Why Malaysia Online Casino Block Accounts: 5 Basic Reasons

Malaysia’s online casino is getting popular nowadays as there is a limited land-based casino that requires you to travel to the location. At the same time, online casino, such as MD88online, allows you to enjoy your favorite online casino games at home

Players hate that the online casino block accounts and can’t enjoy playing their online casino games. 

You can think of a situation when you are playing your favorite online casino game, and suddenly a message pop out saying, “Your Account Is Blocked.” It is annoying, especially if your money is stuck in the account. 

You may be wondering why Malaysia online casino will block accounts. We will list some of the common reasons that Malaysia online casinos will block accounts. Once you know why Malaysia online casinos will block accounts, you can take some prevention to prevent your account from being blocked. 

How Do You Know Malaysia Online Casino Has Blocked Your Account?

Block Accounts

Most of the time, you will know immediately that your account is blocked upon signing in. There will be a notification popping out on your screen. Other times, there may be a notification popping out when you are trying to load your favorite online casino game, make a deposit, or withdraw money. You will also receive an email about blocked accounts.

Legitimate casinos, such as MD88online, will tend to let players know about it when they block accounts. The online casino will allow players to regain their account after verifications for mild cases. Severe cases will be removed.

What Are The Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account?

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 1: Failed Verification Process

Block Accounts

After creating a new account, every licensed casino will require players to verify their accounts. New players will need to provide a valid ID to prove their identity to prevent people from laundering money on their online casino site.

Malaysia online casinos usually will run a deep verification process whenever a new account is created. This is to ensure authenticity.

If you fail to verify your account and comply with the requirements, there is a risk of your account being blocked and access to the website will be denied.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 2: Too Many Unsuccessful Login

Block Accounts

One reason Malaysia Online Casino will block your account is that there are too many attempts to log in to the same account. This is to protect the player’s bankroll if someone else is trying to log into the account.

This is a safety measurement used by many Malaysia online casinos. They use advanced software to detect multiple unsuccessful log-in attempts and will block accounts for a period. Numerous login attempts tend to be hackers trying to hack into the account.

The account can be opened again after the consent from the authorized player. You can activate the two-factor authentication system to secure your account.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 3: Duplicated Account

Block Accounts

Another reason Malaysia online casinos will block your account is that you have created multiple accounts. Every Malaysia online casino has this one-person-one account policy, including MD88online. Online casinos can track down the account through IP address if there are any various accounts.

Creating multiple accounts can lead to your account being blocked, and you are unable to reopen it again. Duplicate accounts sometimes happen by accident. Such as players forget their account details and create another one. Multiple family members in the same household accessing the same site can lead to blocked accounts.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 4: Unusual Banking Transactions

Block Accounts

An online casino is a good place for criminals to legitimize illegal funds. Many online casinos are concerned about money laundering, which is one reason for blocking accounts.

There are different rules in different countries. Online casinos are required to report if there is any account suspected of laundering money.

Another reason for blocked accounts is forbidden payment methods, such as prepaid debit cards. Operators may be able to detect this case through the player’s bank account details.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 5: Bonus harvesting

Block Accounts

Many Malaysia online casino tends to offer various bonuses to attract new players to sign up. Bonuses include cashback, free spins, etc. Online casinos will block accounts if they find out that players are harvesting bonuses by opening multiple accounts.

Some Malaysia online casino may offer bonuses to players who refer friends and family, even with the same IP address, as long as players aren’t taking advantage of the bonuses. They can claim it.
Some players tend to hide their original IP address by using Surfshark VPN to harvest bonuses for other geographical locations, but this can be tracked, and players will be permanently blocked.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 6: Violating Terms And Condition

Block Accounts

Another reason that online casinos will block accounts. Same as other businesses. Malaysia online casino has a government policy to follow. You have agreed to follow the Malaysia online casino terms and conditions when you sign up for any Malaysia online casino. Any players who fail to follow accordingly, the casino will block accounts accordingly.

The most common rule that players will break is creating multiple accounts and providing false documents for verification.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 7: Data Breach

Block Accounts

Online casinos will block accounts if they detect hackers gaining access to the casino database. Blocking the account helps prevent the hackers from stealing from your bankroll or personal information.

Every online casino will have its security measurements to prevent unauthorized access. If there is any data breach, they will take action immediately. Some online casinos will ask players to change their passwords before starting any transaction or playing any online casino games.

Here are some common reasons that Malaysia online casinos will block accounts. By understanding these reasons, you can prevent your accounts from being blocked. If you want to know if MD88 will blocked your account, check out their terms and conditions.

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