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Disputing Malaysia Online Casino Charges? 5 Unknown Tips

You may be wondering if you can dispute the online casino charges in this scenario or maybe some other situations, such as you make a transaction accidentally.  It is common that players to get caught up in the excitement when they are playing in a Malaysia online casino, such as MD88online, and end up spending more money than they suppose to and end up requesting a refund.

You can dispute the online casino charges, but you should have a valid reason. Disputing online casino charges will need transaction proofs with proper reasons for disputing.

There are many situations in the gambling industry when disputing online casino charges. There may be online casinos that don’t have a license and trying to scam players. Or maybe there are just players who want to try their luck to ask for a refund. If it doesn’t work, they will dispute a charge from the bank. To protect against scams and fraud, banks often request proof for the transaction you want to dispute.

So what do you need to look out for before disputing online casino charges if you think you need to do it? Here are some tips you will want to know before playing at MD88online.

Dispute Malaysia Online Casino Charges #1 - Choose A Reliable Online Casino

Online Casino Charges

Remember that always look for a reliable Malaysia online casino to play your favorite online casino games. This is the most important step before you register for one.

A trusted Malaysia online casino should offer more than one option for those who accidentally make a bigger payment or are charged for something accidentally. People tend to make mistakes, so a trusted online casino will collaborate with you and assist with resolving the issue.

But there are many online casinos outside that ignore players’ help and leave them with no option but to dispute their online charges. So, be careful when you are choosing your online casino. You can check out the review on MD88, a trusted online casino in Malaysia and Singapore.

Dispute Malaysia Online Casino Charges #2 - Need A Valid Reason For Your Request

Online Casino Charges

When disputing online casino charges, you will need a valid reason for it. This is to protect both parties as many players tend to get angry when they lose their money. Before requesting a chargeback, rethink your gambling habits, and see if there are any mistakes. Of course, the most important thing is before you register an account in an online casino, such as MD88online, read through their policies.

Trusted online casinos usually list their conditions, but many players just want to feel the excitement in an online casino and choose not to read it.

You will need proof to show that the transaction is invalid when you request a chargeback. If you just want to try your luck just because you lose too much, sorry for that as you can’t get back your money.

Dispute Malaysia Online Casino Charges #3 - Keep All Your Transaction Record That Is Useful

Online Casino Charges

There are many scammers out there nowadays. They may break the consumer rights, or they promise something but didn’t deliver it to you. You can request a chargeback. But you will need to prove that they are scamming you, or their games are rigged. There are also situations where you were charged for something you didn’t request.

You need to bear in mind that an online casino is providing you with a service instead of products. It is the service that you are paying for. If they say that they are giving you something free but request you to pay for it, you will want to find another one. MD88online is a trusted online casino where you can enjoy your game.

Banks do monitor the process of scammers as, most of the time, they will be using similar tricks. They know how to investigate to see who is guilty of it. They will check the same thing with the provider when you dispute online casino charges.

Dispute Malaysia Online Casino Charges #4 - Bad Decisions Are Not On Casinos

Online Casino Charges

Remember that you are responsible for your own decision, so don’t blame everything on the online casino. If you did something accidentally that you know you shouldn’t do, try to resolve it by talking nicely to them. It is unlikely they will return the money but may give you some bonuses or vouchers of the same value for you to use. But if you decide to increase the bets and are not controlling your budget, you have to bear the consequences.

Online casinos live on players that play on their site. Unless they are scammers or you have proof to show that they are cheating you intentionally, or else it is unlikely to get back the full amount of what you pay for.


Everyone joins an online casino to enjoy the fun and win some real money so make sure that you know what you are doing. You don’t want to get messed up in all these unpleasant situations, and you ended up losing more than you expected.

It can be tricky when it comes to money. You will want to do some prevention before anything happens. Make sure you understand the conditions, if something bad really happens, explain the things to the casino provider or the bank with proof to get back your money. So enjoy your fun at MD88online after you understand the rules of disputing online charges.

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4 Common E-Wallet In Malaysia Online Casino

It’s stimulating to get to play in a Malaysia online casino, and one thing people care about is the transactions in an online casino. There are many payment methods you can use. E-wallets is one of the payment you can use in MD88online.

One of the factors to consider when looking for a reputable Malaysia casino is the secure payment methods you can use in an online casino. It should be provided efficiently. E-wallets have made online transactions easy for you to play your favorite online casino games.

The easier the transaction, the higher the chances players will join the online casino. This article will focus on the common e-wallet in Malaysia online casinos.

What Are E-Wallet?


E-wallet is a short form of electronic wallet. It is a virtual wallet that you use to store your funds and make transactions online. Depending on an e-wallet, some allow you to link to your bank accounts or credit/debit cards, while others won’t allow you to store personal information.

There are various choices for you to make in the market. Depending on your need, you will want to choose one that suits you. Most e-wallets are available on desktop and mobile devices.

Common E-Wallet #1 - Neteller


Neteller is a world-famous e-wallet with a range of features for you. You can see it in almost every reputable casino, including in the online gambling industry in Malaysia. It has been around since 1999. It is available in more than 200 countries and has more than 15 languages. You can transfer your funds from anywhere to any corner of the world. Their services guarantee the safety of online transactions.

You can use your credit or debit cards to make purchases or transfers. One thing you want to take note of is that they will ask for valid tax documents. This is why it makes them the most secure e-wallet. Transaction charges can be pretty low in Asian countries such as Malaysia.

If you create a premium account, you are entitled to VIP features, such as lesser currency conversion fees, lesser transaction charges, etc.

Common E-Wallet #2 - Ecopayz


Another trusted e-wallet that is widely accepted in most online casinos. ecoPayz has been around for more than 20 years. It will be a good choice if you are in the gambling industry.

You can open a free account and make payments across the globe. Although it is free, some fees may be involved in the transaction. They have the best customer service, which is available 24/7 and available in many languages.

There are a few tiers on ecoPayz for you to choose from. Each tier has its own benefits. The most basic plan is limited in payment options, while the most advanced plan, such as the VIP plan, offers a wide variety of features.

You can deposit your funds by debit or credit card. You can hold up to three accounts in eight different currencies. There are settings for you to set your spending limits, which will help security.

Common E-Wallet #3 - Help2Pay


Help2Pay is quite popular among south-east Asian countries, such as Malaysia and Myanmar.

Help2Pay is always well-prepared for the risk. It ensures the safety of your fund and also repays for the worst. They have a refund policy to secure your balance in your e-wallet.

To allow players to use it with ease, they are fast, reliable, convenient, and efficient for players. Transferring your funds online can be risky without help, but Help2Pay ensures they don’t leave you out and is always ready to guide you.

There are more Malaysia online casinos accepting Help2Pay. You won’t need to key in much of your information to use this e-wallet. It allows you to use your own backend with minimal charges. They have accurate payment software that is specialized for high-risk industries.

Common E-Wallet #4- Paypal


Another worldwide trusted e-wallet will be PayPal. It has almost 200 million active users. Payment can be easily made.

All you need to do is create an account for Paypal, and you can start to transfer funds to and from Paypal. You can easily link a bank account, credit card, or debit card to transfer your fund.
Creating an account in

PayPal is free, but there will be some charges for your transactions. The transaction charges will be a percentage of the amount and usually don’t cost you much.

Benefits of Using E-wallets


There are many benefits to using an e-wallet in MD88, which you will want to consider while playing your favorite online casino games.

Security: This is the most important aspect when using your funds online. People don’t want to fall into online fraud and lose their money. An E-wallet provides an additional layer of safety. They use SSL encryption to protect the information. You wouldn’t need to share your banking information with the bank by using an e-wallet. Some e-wallet doesn’t even need to save your personal information.

Ease of Setup: One benefit of using an e-wallet is the ease of setting up. You can easily link your bank account with the e-wallet and send your fund to another e-wallet.

Instant Processing: If you are using other payments, such as bank transfers, there may be some time lag. In contrast, transactions through an e-wallet can be fast and easy. You just need to sign in to the casino, key in the amount you want to deposit and type your password.

As technology is getting advanced, there are many payment methods available online. Each Malaysia online casino has its own preferred payment method, including MD88online. If you want to know what kind of payment method MD88 provides, you can visit their website for more information.

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6 Biggest Craps Mistakes To Avoid In Live Online Casino Malaysia

Besides blackjack and poker, craps is another popular game among all other online casino games. But with all sorts of betting choices, there are craps mistakes you will need to avoid before you make bigger losses.

Online craps can be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner, but you can easily pick up the game once you get the hang of the game. You can experience the fun of this game at MD88online.

There are things you will need to take note of as there are many ways you can make a craps mistake if you make a poor choice. You will want to learn what are common craps mistakes you can make and avoid them to increase your chances of winning.

Craps Mistakes #1 - Not Taking The Odds

Craps Mistake

Not to mention beginners, many existing players played craps for some time before they knew about the odds wager. They may not be paying attention to what other players are doing.

There isn’t a designated space on the craps table for an odds wager. Sometimes you will need to pay attention to what other players are doing to learn about craps.

You may be curious about how to place an odds wager. The way to place your bet behind your come-out roll bet after the dice is to set a point.

When playing online craps, you must take advantage of the odds bet. You will need to make a come-out bet before making the odds bet. The things you do will need to revolve around the odds when you are playing craps.

This is the only bet that is fair in the entire casino. It means that it offered a 100% return to the player. You are making a craps mistake if you didn’t take the odds wager option when you had the chance to get it.

Craps Mistakes #2 - Playing Craps the Right Way

Craps Mistake

A come-out roll is when each craps game starts. Sometimes the come-out roll will resolve on the first roll, but sometimes it will need several rolls. After the come-out roll has been resolved, a new series will start with a new come-out roll.

When you are preparing to place a bet on a come-out roll, you can either place it on the pass line or don’t pass. This depends on each player. Most players will bet on the pass line. Most of the players will consider this the right way and will treat the players who place the bet on the don’t pass as an idiot.

But if you consider the long-term odds, casino house edge, and return to player percentage, the don’t pass is a better option.

The return difference between don’t pass and the pass line isn’t big, but it will accumulate as you play in the long run. You will want to decide instead of following most players blindly. It is a mistake to play craps that other players think is the right way.

Craps Mistakes #3 - Altering Your Betting Size

Craps Mistake

In the earlier part of the article, we mentioned that odds bet offers a 100% return. But to do that, you must make a pass or don’t pass bet before putting the odds. Each of these bets has a return that doesn’t reach 100%.

Each online casino game has an edge. This includes craps. When the casino has an edge, you will lose if you play for a longer time. You will need to limit yourself on how much you can lose in these situations.

The best way is to follow a simple formula or set of rules. Set a limit on the betting size you are allowed to make and don’t alter the betting size after that.

By doing this, you are risking the amount you can afford to lose. You can make smaller bets on online casinos compared to live casinos.

Craps Mistakes #4 - The Speed Of Online Casino

Craps Mistake

It can be great playing craps in the online casino. It has two big benefits, but it also has a disadvantage that can be one of the big mistakes you can make.

The benefit you can get from playing online craps is placing small bets and getting a chance to play with a bonus. Players’ biggest mistake when playing online casinos is that they will play too fast.

When you are online casino games on your laptop or mobile, it is all done fast. You can play more rounds in an online casino in the same amount of time.

Many players feel excited about this as they can play more rounds. But playing fast in online craps means that you will risk more money. You must slow down when playing in an online casino to risk less money.

Craps Mistakes #5 - No Craps Bonus

Craps Mistake

Whether playing craps online or in a land-based casino, you will want to improve your chance of winning and reduce your losses. You will want to have some advantages.

One thing best about playing craps in an online casino is that online casinos will offer rewards to their member. The rewards vary by casino. Some will have a bonus for craps play. You will have a larger bankroll if you have a good craps bonus.

Land-based and live casinos don’t offer bonuses, but most land-based casinos offer comps when you enter their casino. All you have to do is join their comps club and show your comps club card when you play at the craps table.

Bonuses and comps aren’t made your game winnable, but they can help to lengthen your playing time and lower your losses. Not taking advantage of the bonuses and comps offer is another craps mistake you wouldn’t want to make.

Avoiding these craps mistakes can help to increase your chances of winning. You will want to consider all these common mistakes when playing online craps the next time you play at MD88online.

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5 Factors To Find The Best Malaysia Online Casino – MD88

As a gambler, enjoying your favorite online casino game is always hard when you don’t have a land-based casino nearby. But as Malaysia online casinos are getting popular, players can get to play any online casino game without traveling. There is a broad range of choices for you, but when it comes to choosing the best Malaysia online casino, it is crucially important.

If you are an experienced online casino gambler, you will realize the difference between a world-class online casino and a rogue one after reviewing thousands of online casinos.

By now, you will be curious how exactly you choose the best Malaysia online casino to play in. MD88online will be one of the trusted online casinos you can play in. You will want to ensure that you are playing in an online casino that has the best online casino games, generous bonuses, fast payouts, and other benefits you want to get from an online casino. You wouldn’t want to get scammed by any bad online casinos.

We will be discussing some of the main factors that you need to consider when choosing the best Malaysia online casino once and for all. Please make sure that you get all the information you want before making a decision.

Best Malaysia Online Casino #1 - Think About What You Want

Best Malaysia Online Casino

Depending on each casino, they can vary greatly regarding online casino games, bonuses, payment options, and other issues. You will need to understand what you need and are looking for. It would be best to consider the games you want to play, whether the bonuses are attractive enough for you, and what you want to get from the online casino.

After answering these basic questions, you will know what sort of online casino you are looking for, and you are one step closer to choosing the best Malaysia online casino. With thousands of online casinos for you to choose from, there is no one ideal casino, only one that suits you.

Best Malaysia Online Casino #2 - Check The Online Casino Reputation

Best Malaysia Online Casino

It is not easy to determine if an online casino is trustworthy until you have won big and need to cash out your winning. You will only get to find out the true picture of the online casino in this type of event. Many online casinos tend to scam their players, which is quite common.

Some common event where the player gets scammed includes the casino is not willing to pay out the player’s winning that is legitimate. They will find an excuse to keep parts of your winning or set ridiculous withdrawal limits that are impossible to reach. The casino may also point to a ridiculous condition and is unwilling to pay your winnings.

This is why you should find the best Malaysia online casino with a good reputation. An online casino without complaints doesn’t mean that it does not have a problem. It will take some time to scam a person as there won’t always have big winnings going on, especially if it is a new online casino.

Best Malaysia Online Casino #3 - Check The License of The Casino

Best Malaysia Online Casino

You should always be able to check an online casino’s licensing when selecting the best Malaysia online casino. The online casino should be registered with the local authorities.

When the online casino isn’t willing to pay out your winnings, the only action you can take is to turn to the local authority that issued the license. This is where that authority steps in. The local authority will usually listen to both parts. The casino will lose its license if the player is in the right. MD88online is a license online casino that you can trust.

Best Malaysia Online Casino #4 - Check Out The Game Selection

Best Malaysia Online Casino

The online casino game choice is another factor you’ll is another factor you need to consider when choosing the best Malaysia online casino. If you can’t find your favorite online casino, there’s no point you want to stay. One advantage of online casinos is that there is a possibility of trying various online casino games for free.

If you happen to come by an online casino game that looks interesting, check out if they have any demo versions to try out. You will find something new.

Although casino games such as poker and roulette come with a different vibe, online casinos tend to put a lot of effort into providing the same experience to players.

BestMalaysia Online Casino #5 - Familiarize Yourself With Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Best Malaysia Online Casino

As the online casino is getting more competitive, they tend to provide an exceptional experience for players to compete with their competitors. Besides a wide range of online casinos, the deposit and payment method is another factor that will affect the players to select the best Malaysia online casino.

Most players will opt for online casinos that allow them to deposit using debit or credit cards. However, they will want to know the most effective way to cash out their winnings. If online casinos can provide various payout methods, the player will tend to choose their casino.

Here are some popular payout methods:

  • Credit cards
  • e-wallet services: Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller
  • Wire transfers
  • Cryptocurrencies

Besides the options that you can deposit and withdraw, ensure that you check out if there are any withdrawal limits, including the time you need to cash out and the amount of money you can transfer to your account.

Finding a reliable online casino is important to gain a spectacular experience. The above tips help to give you some idea on choosing the best Malaysia online casino to play with. As a rational player, you should take all your time to research the casino that you want to play with.

MD88online will be a reliable online casino where you can enjoy your game.

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Malaysia #1 Online Casino Bonus: Increase Your Winning Chance

Malaysia’s online casino industry is growing rapidly, leading to increased competition in the online gambling industry. The online casino uses online casino bonuses to attract more players to their online casino, providing players an extra chance to win.

Different online casinos have various online casino bonuses. When online casinos just emerged, there wasn’t any strict policy. Many players take advantage of the online casino bonus to increase their winning chances. Multi-accounts were created and abused the online casino bonus given to them.

Online casino improves their online casino bonus policy. Verification was needed, there were strict player profiles, etc. So when you want to use an online casino bonus to increase your chance better, you will need to go through the terms & conditions given for each online casino bonus. So how do you actually increase your winning chance at MD88online by using all these bonuses? Here are some tips.

Online Casino Bonus Is Not Free Money

Online Casino Bonus

The first important thing you will want to remember is that all Malaysia online casino bonus comes with a requirement. Even online casinos are giving out bonuses. You will need to meet specific requirements to benefit from the bonus package.

Ensure that you read the terms and conditions before signing up for any Malaysia online casino. MD88 have clearly stated the terms and conditions for the bonuses that they offered. If you do not understand, clarify it with customer service.

Many people forget to read the terms and conditions, especially beginners. They just go into it without understanding anything. Remember to take your time ta make your decision at an online casino. You need to be aware of the rules, limitations, and risks involved.

Online Casino Bonus: No Deposit Bonus for Registration

Online Casino Bonus

A no deposit bonus is an amount transferred before players make a deposit. This can be used for playing on online slots. But there will be a condition when you want to withdraw the winning. You will need to bet equal to the bonus amount and bet according to the requirement. For example, if the bonus is RM200 and the wager x10, you will need to bet 10 times in the amount of RM200.
Don’t ever try to withdraw the fund from your bonus account immediately. They are specifically used for betting only.

Some online casinos offer bonuses such as free spins as a no deposit bonus. It will allow you to spin at a slot. This will be good for beginners to start playing.

Online Casino Bonus: Deposit Bonuses

Online Casino Bonus

The deposit bonus is another online casino bonus that online casinos will give out. It will be given out for the first and subsequent deposit. The percentage ratio for each deposit made is as below: 

  • 100-125% of the amount of the first deposit;
  • 50-70% – on the second deposit;
  • 25-30% – on the third deposit.

Some online casinos will give till the fourth or even fifth deposit, depending on the online casino policy—the online casino bonus doubles a chance for you to win. More bets mean more winning. 

Online Casino Bonus: Get VIP Bonus By Joining As VIP Member

Online Casino Bonus

The online casino’s bonus is attracting new players and getting them to continue playing in their online casino. By doing this way, it helps to increase the number of their users and let them make a more significant profit.

As they want to keep their user, especially regular players, they have this special online casino bonus – the loyalty VIP bonus. You will get the chance to become a VIP member when you become a regular player in their online casino.

The VIP bonus will have a bigger and better benefit. The benefit you get from the VIP bonus will help to boost your winning odds. They will require lower bets, so you can get your winning back much sooner. Another thing that may interest you is that you can expect more promotion in the VIP online casino club. You can get to know more about MD88online VIP Bonus at their website.

Online Casino Bonus: Cover Your Losses With Cashback Bonus

Online Casino Bonus

It is normal if you win and lose. Cashback is a partial refund of what you have lose. You get a chance to cover your losses. This means that as long as you continue to play in their online casino, you will get a chance to win back what you lose.

Cashback is very popular among the players. You can get it very frequently. This depends on the online casino that you choose to play with. It may be daily, weekly, or monthly. Don’t expect too much that they will cover all your losses, but protecting partial is better than none, right? The range can be from 10 to 25% of your lost amount.

Online Casino Bonus: Popular Free Spin

Online Casino Bonus

If you a fan of online slots, you would love this free spin bonus type. Most online casinos will give this bonus out frequently. Not to say that you will be receiving this online casino bonus regularly. It will come in 20, 30, 50, or even 100.

But this online casino bonus will only provide for a specific online slot machine, and you will need to spend it a few days. If you miss this chance, you may lose the bonus. Make sure that you pay attention to when you get it. If you are getting yours at MD88online, read through the requirements.

You will want to win more when you are in an online casino. To maximize your winning, use your online casino bonus wisely. But before using it at MD88online, remember to read through the terms and conditions.

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6 Best Online Casino Games For Beginners

If you just started playing online casino games in Malaysia, you may be too overwhelmed with the variety of popular online casino games they have. You may not have an idea which is the best online casino games for beginners to start with. 

Some online casinos just aren’t user-friendly enough for beginners to start directly, making it harder to get to know the online casino games available. The platform needs to give a good impression. MD88online is one of the online casinos that is user-friendly for beginners.

Most online casino games depend on luck, while some have more obscure rules. As a beginner, you will want to start with more accessible online casino games. Here are the six best online casino games for beginners to begin with.  

Best Online Casino Games #1 - Slots

Best Online Casino Games

Online slot casino games are the best online casino games for beginners. They are straightforward for beginners to understand. You can play it without any online casino experience. A slight difference from the slot machines in a land-based casino is that you don’t need to pull the lever physically. You need to do a simple click, and your game starts. 

You will have to wait if you get the correct alignment after the click and continue to try. You wouldn’t need any skills for online slots casino games. Nowadays, online casino slots will blend gambling and arcade games. There will be numerous themes for you to choose from. These online casino slot games may have their own rules. You will need to spend some time getting the concept of it. 

Online slot games are perfect for beginners, especially if you appreciate arcade games and gambling. There will be an excellent range for you to choose from, especially at MD88online.


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Best Online Casino Games #2 - Roulette

Best Online Casino Games

Another well-known and best online casino games for beginners to start with. Players from all around the world enjoy playing online roulette. The board may appear intimidating, but it is simple to play with. The dealer will throw the ball into the roulette wheel, and all you have to do is predict which segments the ball will land in

Each number is divided into one of the two colors, you can either place your bet on red or black or will the number be odd or even. Chances may be slim, but you will get a handsome reward if you place the bet correctly. 

You will want to note that for the number zero, there will be one for European roulette and two for American roulette

Best Online Casino Games #3 - BlackJack

Best Online Casino Games

Blackjack is another popular online casino game. It is very easy to learn and straightforward. It will be an excellent choice if you are a beginner. The goal is to aim for twenty-one in your hand while you play against the dealer. You will start with two cards and try to get close to twenty-one as you add cards. 

You will have to be careful as once you exceed twenty-one, you will automatically fold. There will be guesswork to do in Blackjack. Your hands must be better than the dealer’s to win, so you will have to guess if the dealer has a better hand. 

Note that picture cards have a value of ten, while aces can be one or eleven. You take time to understand the rules, but you will be able to master them after a short period. You can experience it at MD88.

Best Online Casino Games #4 - Video Poker

Best Online Casino Games

Video poker is another best online games for beginners to start with. But before you start, you will need to know a bit about the hand rankings in poker. You don’t have to worry as you will get to pick it up in a short period.

You will be dealt with five cards, and you need to decide how many cards you will need to keep. You will need to make the best five card poker hand with the winning starting at two jacks or better. Usually, online video poker will display the value. You wouldn’t need to memorize the difference between a full house and a flush.

Best Online Casino Games #5 - Keno

Best Online Casino Games

Another best online casino games for beginners is keno. This online casino game is similar to lottery. You will need to choose the numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Once you have selected your numbers, the game will choose its own number with a random number generator. 

If the numbers that are chosen by the game are the same as you, you win the game. You don’t need an exact match. A minimum selection will do. This online casino games rely on luck, so it doesn’t matter what number you pick. There is no strategy to allow you to have a better chance to win. 

Best Online Casino Games #6 - Bingo

Best Online Casino Games

Bingo is one of the easiest online casino games and the best online games for beginners. The objective of this online casino game is simple. You will need to cross out the number that was called out in your grid. This depends on chances. 

There isn’t much for you to do besides listening and ticking out the corresponding numbers. If you are looking for thrills and high pay-outs, Bingo won’t be a good choice for you.

Now that you know some of the best online casino games for beginners and they are thrilled to try them out, you may find that they will provide you with many hours of fun. MD88online has plenty of online casino games for you to try out.

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Why Malaysia Online Casino Block Accounts: 5 Basic Reasons

Malaysia’s online casino is getting popular nowadays as there is a limited land-based casino that requires you to travel to the location. At the same time, online casino, such as MD88online, allows you to enjoy your favorite online casino games at home

Players hate that the online casino block accounts and can’t enjoy playing their online casino games. 

You can think of a situation when you are playing your favorite online casino game, and suddenly a message pop out saying, “Your Account Is Blocked.” It is annoying, especially if your money is stuck in the account. 

You may be wondering why Malaysia online casino will block accounts. We will list some of the common reasons that Malaysia online casinos will block accounts. Once you know why Malaysia online casinos will block accounts, you can take some prevention to prevent your account from being blocked. 

How Do You Know Malaysia Online Casino Has Blocked Your Account?

Block Accounts

Most of the time, you will know immediately that your account is blocked upon signing in. There will be a notification popping out on your screen. Other times, there may be a notification popping out when you are trying to load your favorite online casino game, make a deposit, or withdraw money. You will also receive an email about blocked accounts.

Legitimate casinos, such as MD88online, will tend to let players know about it when they block accounts. The online casino will allow players to regain their account after verifications for mild cases. Severe cases will be removed.

What Are The Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account?

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 1: Failed Verification Process

Block Accounts

After creating a new account, every licensed casino will require players to verify their accounts. New players will need to provide a valid ID to prove their identity to prevent people from laundering money on their online casino site.

Malaysia online casinos usually will run a deep verification process whenever a new account is created. This is to ensure authenticity.

If you fail to verify your account and comply with the requirements, there is a risk of your account being blocked and access to the website will be denied.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 2: Too Many Unsuccessful Login

Block Accounts

One reason Malaysia Online Casino will block your account is that there are too many attempts to log in to the same account. This is to protect the player’s bankroll if someone else is trying to log into the account.

This is a safety measurement used by many Malaysia online casinos. They use advanced software to detect multiple unsuccessful log-in attempts and will block accounts for a period. Numerous login attempts tend to be hackers trying to hack into the account.

The account can be opened again after the consent from the authorized player. You can activate the two-factor authentication system to secure your account.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 3: Duplicated Account

Block Accounts

Another reason Malaysia online casinos will block your account is that you have created multiple accounts. Every Malaysia online casino has this one-person-one account policy, including MD88online. Online casinos can track down the account through IP address if there are any various accounts.

Creating multiple accounts can lead to your account being blocked, and you are unable to reopen it again. Duplicate accounts sometimes happen by accident. Such as players forget their account details and create another one. Multiple family members in the same household accessing the same site can lead to blocked accounts.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 4: Unusual Banking Transactions

Block Accounts

An online casino is a good place for criminals to legitimize illegal funds. Many online casinos are concerned about money laundering, which is one reason for blocking accounts.

There are different rules in different countries. Online casinos are required to report if there is any account suspected of laundering money.

Another reason for blocked accounts is forbidden payment methods, such as prepaid debit cards. Operators may be able to detect this case through the player’s bank account details.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 5: Bonus harvesting

Block Accounts

Many Malaysia online casino tends to offer various bonuses to attract new players to sign up. Bonuses include cashback, free spins, etc. Online casinos will block accounts if they find out that players are harvesting bonuses by opening multiple accounts.

Some Malaysia online casino may offer bonuses to players who refer friends and family, even with the same IP address, as long as players aren’t taking advantage of the bonuses. They can claim it.
Some players tend to hide their original IP address by using Surfshark VPN to harvest bonuses for other geographical locations, but this can be tracked, and players will be permanently blocked.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 6: Violating Terms And Condition

Block Accounts

Another reason that online casinos will block accounts. Same as other businesses. Malaysia online casino has a government policy to follow. You have agreed to follow the Malaysia online casino terms and conditions when you sign up for any Malaysia online casino. Any players who fail to follow accordingly, the casino will block accounts accordingly.

The most common rule that players will break is creating multiple accounts and providing false documents for verification.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 7: Data Breach

Block Accounts

Online casinos will block accounts if they detect hackers gaining access to the casino database. Blocking the account helps prevent the hackers from stealing from your bankroll or personal information.

Every online casino will have its security measurements to prevent unauthorized access. If there is any data breach, they will take action immediately. Some online casinos will ask players to change their passwords before starting any transaction or playing any online casino games.

Here are some common reasons that Malaysia online casinos will block accounts. By understanding these reasons, you can prevent your accounts from being blocked. If you want to know if MD88 will blocked your account, check out their terms and conditions.

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Online Casino

2022 Popular Online Casino Promotions In Malaysia

There are many different kinds of online casino promotions in Malaysia, including MD88online. These promotions range from sign-up or membership bonuses and reward points to cash rebates and member privileges. These online casino promotions had become the main attraction for players to sign up for their online casino games experience.

We will be revealing the few most popular online casino promotions that you are keen to get. You can earn more money by getting all these exclusive deals.

With all these online casino promotions, enrich your gaming experiences with high-value appealing offers. You can’t wait to know which is the most popular online casino promotion, isn’t it? Let’s take a look.

Online Casino Promotions #1 - Welcome Bonus

Online Casino Promotions

This is one of the most popular online casino promotions. Most casinos will offer this promotion to new members. It will be given out once you register as a new player.

Some online casinos are generous in welcoming new members, such as MD88, offering new members a starter pack up and a welcome bonus to new members. The more you deposit, the bigger bonus you will get.

Online Casino Promotions #2 - No Deposit Bonus

Online Casino Promotions

This online casino promotion is one of the most sought-after casino bonuses. It rewards players without them having to make a deposit.

This online casino promotion is usually given out when players first sign up. Sometimes Malaysia online casinos will give it out during special promotions.

For example, players sign in continuously for a specific number of days. No deposit bonuses are a kind of free reward, one of the rarest bonuses on the market.

Online Casino Promotions #3 - Free Spin Bonus

Online Casino Promotions

The most well-known online casino promotion of this type is free spins, which MD88online also provides. It usually gives a certain amount of free spins upon new player registrationSlot bonus is used in slot games or received while playing them. There are also special slot bonuses that could be open to exclusive new titles. You can either get them in your welcome package or as part of a reload bonus.

Occasionally there will be slot bonuses that come with new game releases. Players will receive several exclusive rewards for new games.

Online Casino Promotions #4 - Match Bonus

Online Casino Promotions

A matched bet bonus is one of the most common online casino promotions. Usually it will be given out as Welcome Bonuses, but sometimes will be awarded as part of regular promotions.

Matched bet bonus depends typically on the deposit into your account; the casino will check it with a percentage of that amount. For example, if you have a 200% matched bet bonus and deposit MYR 1,000, you will receive a matched bet bonus of MYR 2,000. You will receive MYR 3,000 in your account from your initial MYR 2,000 deposit.

Online Casino Promotions #5 - Loyalty Bonus

Online Casino Promotions

There are many ways to give out this popular online casino promotion – a loyalty bonus. Most Malaysia online casinos use VIP clubs to give out this reward. Depending on how often the player logs into their account and how often they bet, players can earn different benefits.

VIP clubs will usually have various levels. This is so mid-range players can still earn some bonuses even if they don’t figure out how to get up to the top tier reserved for the high roller players.

This online casino promotion is not limited to one kind of reward. It can range from matched bets to free spins or even cash rewards. It can also be awarded in a particular currency, which is earned by betting and can be cashed in.

Online Casino Promotions #6 - Sticky Bonus

Online Casino Promotions

A sticky bonus is cash added to your account; however, the money added to your account can only increase your bankroll. You may be confused, but it is simple. You can use the sticky bonus to bet, but you can’t withdraw it from your account.

For example, if you are withdrawing RM700 from your account but you have RM500 sticky bonus in it, you would only be given MYR 200.

You may consider this a poor promotion, but you can have better betting strategies by increasing your bankroll. This can help you to increase your chances of winning.

Online Casino Promotions #7 - VIP Member Privileges

Online Casino Promotions

A method that Malaysia online casinos use to reward players’ loyalty and play more is upgrading them to a VIP or loyalty program. The reward depends on the individual casino. This promotion rewards member points for real money wagers. Commonly, casinos offer VIPs and players to save these points to exchange for perks or cashback.

However, some casinos will offer VIP membership to high-rollers. It will be given to a selected player by email. For example, there are birthday treats for VIPs. Some will even provide their VIPs with personal account managers, an exclusive service for their members. You can check out the MD88online VIP bonus at their website.

Online Casino Promotions #8 - Monthly and Reload Bonuses

2022 Popular Online Casino Promotions In Malaysia

Another promotion that often Malaysia online casinos give is monthly and reload bonuses. It is similar to Welcome Bonus. The only difference is that they can be available during your membership.

If the promotion is ongoing, you will be awarded when you make a deposit. It can be either a matched bet or a free spin. This depends on the individual Malaysia online casino that runs the promotion. This is to reward those players who often play in the online casino.

Above are the most popular online casino promotions in Malaysia. Each Malaysia online casino has different promotions, and you will want to compare them before you decide which promotion you need.

MD88 do have bonuses and offers for their member. You can visit their website to check out and start playing your favorite online casino games.

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Mind-blowing Overview Of MD88 Malaysia Online Casino

MD88 – Assuming you’re searching for Asia’s believed online casino that is worked around furnishing players with a tranquil gaming climate and you’re situated in Malaysia, then you are at the right place. You will want to take a look at the MD88 Malaysia Online Casino review.

MD88 Malaysia Online Casino is notable for its fuss-free, user-friendly website. Their main goal is to guarantee the greatest diversion for all individuals by giving simple access and a horde decision of the most famous games, from bonanzas and gambling machines to live casino table games.

To let you have more info on how this platform operates and what services it provides, we gather all the info of MD88 Malaysia online casino reviews for you to read through. We will outline everything that you can expect from MD88 Malaysia Online Casino. Take a look at the thought and find out more.

Origin Of MD88 Malaysia Online Casino

Md88 Malaysia

When it comes to online casino, the first question that pops up in the players’ minds is this: Is MD88 Malaysia online casino legal? Different countries have different legalities when it comes to gambling, so it is normal that you have this question in mind. Nobody wants to lose their hard-earned money on a scamming website.

MD88 Malaysia online casino features sections for slot gaming and lives dealer gameplay. Games include sportsbook, Live Casino games, Slots, Fishing, and much other game. 

MD88 has been operating for an extended period. Live chat is available 24/7 to assist you. They have numerous reputable developers as partners to provide the most exciting casino games to you. 

Is MD88 Malaysia Online Casino Safe?

Md88 Malaysia

MD88 Malaysia online casino is a site that you can look forward to for a safe and secure experience. It is worth it for you to choose to register with MD88online. The site is licensed. They must lay out certain rules to maintain their licensed status. MD88 operates at a safe and fair gaming level. We believe that this is something that players will want to see.

You money that you will be depositing into the MD88online wallet is secure. All funds are deposited and withdrawn in an encrypted format. You don’t have to worry about your money being stolen. It supports cryptocurrency transactions.

MD88 Malaysia is also a part of various certification programs. Games involved are tested by independent auditing companies. The site is highly secured to keep your personal details safe and would not leak to any third parties.

Reasons Why MD88 Malaysia Online Casino Is One Of The Best Online Casinos

Md88 Malaysia

1. Variety of Exciting Games

MD88 maintains official partnerships with big gaming providers. These providers are famous for providing the best games on the market.


You have various games, including slots, live casinos, sports, etc. MD88 Malaysia wins overall seasoned players and international providers alike. 

2. User Interface and Usability

MD88 is simple and easy to navigate. Their catchy website is suitable for a straightforward user to an interface. Players can easily find the games they are looking for in just a few clicks. MD88online managed to give you peace of mind with their easy navigation website. Their terms are transparent, and no hidden or confusing terms in them.  

3. Quick Registration Process

MD88 put its members in the first place. They ensure the registration process is straightforward and fast during the website development. Players can register their accounts within 5 minutes. This ensures that the whole process is stress-free and safe so that players can enjoy the fun as soon as possible. 

4. Reliable And Excellent Security

MD88online understands the importance of security and reliability to players. Hence, the top priority is to ensure the platform is safe and secure for players to play. There will be no data leakage or infringement of privacy. All transactions made on MD88 are safe as all customer information is encrypted. 

What Games Does MD88 Malaysia Online Casino Have?

Md88 Malaysia

All MD88online members get access to all the latest games available. Their games are categories, and members can navigate the games easily. Here are some of the popular games.

Live Casino: Enjoy casino games right at your own home! Choose anything from Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. MD88 has the best game developers and provides you with the best quality games as if you are playing at an actual casino. You will be able to interact with real-life dealers and enjoy some eye candy while winning

Sports/eSports: You won’t need to miss supporting your favorite teams again. MD88’s Esports has all your favorite teams. From Football, Basketball to Badminton and even MMA.

Popular games like DOTA 2, CSGO, Leagues Of Legends, Battlegrounds etc., are available.

Slots: Slots don’t require any skill, so it is popular among casino games if you are just looking for easy money. MD88 has all the latest, top-quality slots games.

MD88 Malaysia Online Casino: Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Md88 Malaysia

Is MD88 Malaysia Online Casino Safe?

Their website is equipped with SSL digital encryption technology. It is to provide every player with a safe and secure gaming experience.

Is the payout process fast and convenient?

There will be no delay in payouts. Members can withdraw their earnings without delays. The payout will be credited to them after they choose their preferred banking.

Are the customer representatives accommodating and qualified?

The MD88 Malaysia online casino customer service team is experienced, well-trained, and friendly. They will do their best to answer all queries and solve issues to their best abilities.

Is the first deposit available at a good rate?

For sure! You don’t need to make a big deposit. Start small and build up your winnings by playing games with higher returns. You can start playing right away after making a minimum deposit.


Online Casino

Will Online Casino Blackjack Be Profitable for the Player?

MD88 Online Casino Blackjack is a somewhat straightforward play game. Those who have played it have most likely thought about how it would be within the realm of possibilities to win reliably. You wouldn’t be distant from everyone else.

As casinos and sportsbooks develop around the nation, an ever-increasing number of individuals are pondering how they can prove the best for their betting experience. You can lose cash and lose it quickly on the off chance that you don’t come ready.

We should gander at specific ways that Blackjack can be productive for you.

Understand What Is Online Casino Blackjack In the Easiest Way

Online Casino Blackjack

Online casino Blackjack is a simple game to comprehend and play.

You play with a standard deck of 52 cards, and the objective is to get a 21 or as near a 21 as you can. You get two cards drawn toward the beginning of the round, and you either settle on the choice to take another card or “hit” or you can remain at your present aggregate or “stand”.

In a standard deck of cards, you can draw a card worth between 2-20. 2-10 is the standard presumptive worth of the card, while Kings, Queens, and Jacks are 10 too. An expert is worth either 1 or 11, and you can choose which.

Since 10s, Kings, Queens, and Jacks all are worth 10, that implies there are 16 cards out of the 52 (simply more than 30%) are one of them. The 2 through 9 cards are in their multiple times every (4 out of 52 is around 7%), and the equivalent goes for the aces.

In this way, you should continuously remember that there is a more prominent possibility of drawing one more card worth 10 than anything else. You can’t go higher than a score of 21, and you can’t draw higher than 21 with your initial two cards.

Online Casino Blackjack: Counting Cards and How to Do It

Online Casino Blackjack

When you get the hang of online casino Blackjack, you should consider attempting to count cards. Counting cards is a more perplexing method for playing online casino Blackjack. However, it will be an extremely successful way and can assist you with bringing in cash.

Counting cards implies monitoring the cards you see drawn all through the deck. So in the early adjustments, you will see cards being managed, and afterward, you will realize which cards are less inclined to show up in the later adjustments.

A great deal of card counting specialists suggests utilizing a point framework. You would monitor the cards you see by providing them with a score of in addition to one, a short one, or nonpartisan. Cards 2-6 are considered in addition to one card, while cards worth 10 are less than one card. 7, 8, and 9 are viewed as impartial.

You add or deduct one to your score for each card you see. On the off chance that you wind up in addition to a decent edge, you are set up for incredible completion and more success. It would be the other way around on the off chance that your score and you shouldn’t wager a lot on the last piece of the game.

If you have seen a ton of 2-6 cards, later in the game is the point at which you ought to begin putting down higher wagers and multiplying down because you will start to see significantly more 10s. Whenever you realize many 10s are coming, you can build your possibilities of winning and getting more cash by wagering more.

Basic Strategy Of Online Casino Blackjack

Online Casino Blackjack

A few other supportive tips assist you with winning a online casino Blackjack. Counting cards is vital, yet understanding the math and moves is also significant.

In Blackjack, you are given a choice to split and double down on each hand. Doubling down means you double your bet for that round, and you only draw another card. Splitting your hand means if you draw two of the same cards, you can turn that into two hands instead of one and draw one more card for each hand. 

Knowing the math of online casino Blackjack is one more vital hint we examined before. As you probably are aware, 16 out of the 52 cards are worth 10, while the wide range of various cards is 4 out of 52.

It would help if you additionally got when to choose to hit or stand, contingent upon the cards you draw. 

Other Tips To Win Online Casino Blackjack

Online Casino Blackjack

Avoid unnecessary bets at MD88online – Sometimes, blackjack players who are anxious to win end up using unnecessary systems. Such as the insurance bet, the payout seems profitable on the surface, but it increases the house edge to almost 6%. The insurance bet is like a new bet. Even if the player has a blackjack, he gets only his original bet. The player will be in a no-win no-loss situation when the dealer has a blackjack along with the player.

Set limits – Professional players always have a limit for their expected wins and losses. This is to prevent them from ending up exhausting their bankroll. This is a critical tip when it comes to winning by playing blackjack. Players must leave once they have won a certain amount. If they play for too long at the table, they might lose their wins.

Is Online Casino Blackjack Profitable?

Online Casino Blackjack

Utilizing the counting card strategy accurately, alongside different tips, you should be in an incredible spot at your Blackjack table at MD88online. There will be certain occurrences where you get unfortunate. However, you need to remain with the numbers and probabilities to win.

One more method for bringing in cash off Blackjack is by exploiting rewards presented by the best online betting destinations. Online betting locales will offer you genuine money to join their website, and you can control that.

That would be an extraordinary method for involving your new reward cash to compensate for any unlucky while playing online casino Blackjack.

Online casino Blackjack is a game that has to do with a ton of math, yet it very well may be made beneficial, assuming you play accurately. Use these tips and go to MD88 to win cash on Blackjack.

Why Players Earn More On Online Casino Blackjack?

Online Casino Blackjack

There is a mathematical edge over the players for all casino games, including online casino blackjack. However, online casino blackjack players are earning more money compared to other online casino games. This has a lot to do with the low house edge of 5%. Online casino Blackjack is one of the games with a low house edge. If the player plays the perfect basic strategy, this house edge of 5% can be further reduced to less than 2%.

What is the significance of this 5% house edge for players? It means that, on average, for every $100 you wager, the casino expects to win $5. In the short term, over a single game session, a player can very well come out ahead under the thing called ‘variance,’ which describes the game’s random nature.

Online casino Blackjack is different from other casino games. It has varying conditions based on hands that have played previously. However, once cards have been removed, they cannot appear again. The player can eventually have a mathematical edge over the casino.

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