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Blackjack Splitting: 5 Exclusive Way To Know When

When it comes to blackjack, what makes it more outstanding than other online table casino games is that you have a better chance of winning when you use the correct blackjack strategy. Blackjack splitting is a common strategy in blackjack.

When you have the chance to do blackjack splitting and think it can help you turn your luck, blackjack splitting is a trumping technique. But this strategy requires you to deal with luck. You need to know whether you want to use this technique at MD88online.

Splitting the selected pairs you have can change the whole game. Using this strategy correctly can help you win the game and double up your winnings. But you will want to be cautious with your game. It is not easy to make the right call.

Blackjack splitting is only sometimes a winning move. It relies on the circumstances you are facing, such as the dealer’s hand, your pair’s rank, your betting size, and some luck when you are playing at MD88online.

What Is Blackjack Splitting?

Blackjack Splitting

By now, you may be curious about blackjack splitting, especially if you are a beginner. You can split in Blackjack when you have two cards of the same value. You will be dealt another card on each when you split it, and you will be playing two hands now. Your bet for your second hand must match your initial bet.

The benefit of using blackjack splitting is that you get a chance to win double if the dealer’s hand doesn’t look good. But you will have the opportunity to lose both bets.

Nowadays, most land-based and Singapore online casinos don’t allow you to play further if you decide to use the Blackjack splitting strategy. You have to stand no matter what the total value of your card comes out.

Blackjack Splitting #1 - Pairs That You Should ALWAYS Split

Blackjack Splitting

Always Split Eights – Having a pair of eights is one of the worst hands in blackjack. You will have a total value of 16. If you don’t split, you will lose if you hit any card with a face value above 5. 

By using the blackjack splitting strategy, you may have a chance to get a hand closer to 21. It can be a good chance to use at this time.

Always Split Aces – Aces wort 1 or 11 in blackjack. A pair of aces can be 2 or 12. You need a hit of 9 to get a higher chance of winning if you choose not to split.

By splitting ace, you will have a chance to hit a picture card and get blackjack the right way. This is why you should always split aces without thinking any further.

Blackjack Splitting #2 - Pairs That You Should NEVER Split

Blackjack Splitting

Never split Nines or Tens – You will have a total of 18 when you have a pair of nine. This is considered a very strong hand in blackjack. If you decide to split nine, you will need a picture card or an ace to get a better hand, but the chance is very low. So it is best not to split nine.

The same logic goes for tens. You will have 20 points when you get a pair of 10. You will only be having one point less than blackjack. You will need an ace to get a better hand if you split your pair of ten, or else there will be a very high chance that you are going to get lower than 20.

Never split Fives – You will get a ten when you have a pair of five. It won’t be a good idea to split a pair of fives. The best hand you can get is 15 if you decide to split your pair of five. This will put you in a difficult position. 

Never split Fours – You should continue to hit when you have a pair of fours. You will have a chance to get 18 which is quite a good hand in blackjack. If you split your pair of fours, your best hand will be 14, and it isn’t a position you want to put yourself into.

Blackjack Splitting #3 - Based on the Dealer's Card

Blackjack Splitting

In certain circumstances, you must depend on the dealer’s card. The main goal in blackjack is to beat the dealer, and you will want to consider their hand when playing blackjack.

  • Dealer has two to seven, — You are not in a good position if you have a pair of two, there and seven. The total add-up for these three pairs will be 4, 6, and 14, widely regarded as wrong hands. You will want to split it to avoid burst, especially if the dealer is holding a low card. By breaking your cards, you will get two different hands rather than having one awful hand.
  • Dealer has two to six — You will want to split if you hold a pair of six. One of the ways to beat the dealer is to let them bust. They may have a chance to make two hands up to 16, while the dealer has a chance to burst if they hold a lower card value.
  • You have a pair of nines, and the dealer has two to nine — We have mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t split nine, but there are certain circumstances where you should split it — for example, the dealer looks like they may get a strong hand or bust.

You will want to test a few rounds before understanding blackjack splitting works. Before you start playing firsthand at MD88online, you should understand more about the blackjack splitting rules. You will want to note that some Singapore casino rules will not treat an Ace/face card combination as blackjack but as a normal 21.

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Discover The 5 Amazing Online Roulette Betting Systems

Online roulette is one of the most popular online casino games in Malaysia and Singapore, especially in MD88 Singapore. Most major software providers have created some form of online roulette games, allowing you to play at your leisure. It can come in different betting limits and styles.

There are a few popular betting systems for online roulette, which work the same whether you are playing in a land-based or online casino. The only difference is that you don’t have to feel intimidated by playing with experienced players while you are playing in a Singapore online casino.

These betting systems help you approach online roulette methodically and systematically rather than play online roulette with pure luck. With these betting systems, you have the chance to make the most out of your bankroll and have a better return.

None of these betting systems are perfect. You will want to adjust as you play ad MD88online. Just so you know, online roulette is a game based on luck. There are no skills needed in the game. The betting system is to help you manage your bankroll and bet. It will help you minimize your losses.

Online Roulette Betting Systems #1 - Martingale

Online Roulette

Martingale is one of the most common betting systems in online roulette, which many players have used over the years. The rules are simple, but you need to pay attention to them to let them work. Some experienced players suggest not to use this as it can be risky. But if you are a beginner in online roulette, it is easy to follow.

So how does this betting system works in online roulette? The idea is that each time you lose, you double your bet in the next round. It is a progressive system. The idea of this betting system is that you will win enough, at least a break even when you win. This may not be the best strategy.

It won’t be good for your bankroll if you intend to play online roulette at MD88online for long hours. If you want to use Martingale betting system, you must be prepared for what you need to spend. It would be wise to find a room with a low minimum bet.

Online Roulette Betting Systems #2 - Grand Martingale

Online Roulette

The name shows that it is similar to the Martingale betting system, as does the betting method. The only difference is that you double your last bet after losing and add an additional betting amount equal to your original bet.

By doing this, your betting amount will be larger, and the winning you can get will be more significant. You will have a bigger impact on your bankroll. Like all other betting systems, you must manage your bankroll correctly.

This betting system is suitable for those that have enough bankroll to spend. You can win a significant amount after a few wins. But if you are stuck in a losing streak, you need to be able to stick to it until you manage to win and hope that it is enough to cover your losses.

Online Roulette Betting Systems #3 - Reverse Martingale

Online Roulette

This betting system follows similar rules to Martingale betting system, but you do it in a reverse way. Instead of double up your bet after you lose, you increase your bet when you win. It helps to minimize your losses. The only downside of this betting system is that you will need to be on a winning streak before seeing an increase in your bankroll.

This betting system has a better sense to many players as you only double up your bet when you win, and you will have a lower chance of spending your money on a losing streak. If you are on a winning streak, you can maximize your winning with this betting system.

Online Roulette Betting Systems #4 - D’Alembert Roulette

Online Roulette

If you feel anxious about doubling your bet in online roulette, the D’Alembert Roulette betting system will be more suitable for most players. It will reduce the risk of losing a significant amount. Instead of doubling your bet, you increase by one. You increase your bet by 1 after you lose and multiply by 1 after you win a round.

Although your bets will increase as you play, it will not be as dramatic as the doubling betting system. This is a better approach for those who want to be more cautious when playing online roulette. It will allow you a better chance of increasing your bankroll.

These betting systems are a guideline for playing online roulette. You will need to find one that suits your playing style.

Online Roulette Betting Systems #5 - Fibonacci

Online Roulette

If you are a conservative player, this is one of the safest and most interesting betting systems in online roulette. It applies after winning a round for the first time. Your bets should be placed on even numbers only. You will have a 50% of the chances to win each time.

You will start with a minimum bet. Increase by one after you win. Increase your stake by two if you win again, and so on. If you lose, start over again at the minimum bet.

This betting system is based on the famous Fibonacci numbers. The sequence of numbers is the sum of the two numbers before it. The sequence will look like this:

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

Online roulette can be an easy game but also complex. It is a luck-based game where there isn’t a method to guarantee you to win real money from Singapore online casino. You can gain experience as you play along and find the correct strategy to manage your bankroll at MD88online. 

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Why Malaysia Online Casino Block Accounts: 5 Basic Reasons

Malaysia’s online casino is getting popular nowadays as there is a limited land-based casino that requires you to travel to the location. At the same time, online casino, such as MD88online, allows you to enjoy your favorite online casino games at home

Players hate that the online casino block accounts and can’t enjoy playing their online casino games. 

You can think of a situation when you are playing your favorite online casino game, and suddenly a message pop out saying, “Your Account Is Blocked.” It is annoying, especially if your money is stuck in the account. 

You may be wondering why Malaysia online casino will block accounts. We will list some of the common reasons that Malaysia online casinos will block accounts. Once you know why Malaysia online casinos will block accounts, you can take some prevention to prevent your account from being blocked. 

How Do You Know Malaysia Online Casino Has Blocked Your Account?

Block Accounts

Most of the time, you will know immediately that your account is blocked upon signing in. There will be a notification popping out on your screen. Other times, there may be a notification popping out when you are trying to load your favorite online casino game, make a deposit, or withdraw money. You will also receive an email about blocked accounts.

Legitimate casinos, such as MD88online, will tend to let players know about it when they block accounts. The online casino will allow players to regain their account after verifications for mild cases. Severe cases will be removed.

What Are The Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account?

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 1: Failed Verification Process

Block Accounts

After creating a new account, every licensed casino will require players to verify their accounts. New players will need to provide a valid ID to prove their identity to prevent people from laundering money on their online casino site.

Malaysia online casinos usually will run a deep verification process whenever a new account is created. This is to ensure authenticity.

If you fail to verify your account and comply with the requirements, there is a risk of your account being blocked and access to the website will be denied.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 2: Too Many Unsuccessful Login

Block Accounts

One reason Malaysia Online Casino will block your account is that there are too many attempts to log in to the same account. This is to protect the player’s bankroll if someone else is trying to log into the account.

This is a safety measurement used by many Malaysia online casinos. They use advanced software to detect multiple unsuccessful log-in attempts and will block accounts for a period. Numerous login attempts tend to be hackers trying to hack into the account.

The account can be opened again after the consent from the authorized player. You can activate the two-factor authentication system to secure your account.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 3: Duplicated Account

Block Accounts

Another reason Malaysia online casinos will block your account is that you have created multiple accounts. Every Malaysia online casino has this one-person-one account policy, including MD88online. Online casinos can track down the account through IP address if there are any various accounts.

Creating multiple accounts can lead to your account being blocked, and you are unable to reopen it again. Duplicate accounts sometimes happen by accident. Such as players forget their account details and create another one. Multiple family members in the same household accessing the same site can lead to blocked accounts.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 4: Unusual Banking Transactions

Block Accounts

An online casino is a good place for criminals to legitimize illegal funds. Many online casinos are concerned about money laundering, which is one reason for blocking accounts.

There are different rules in different countries. Online casinos are required to report if there is any account suspected of laundering money.

Another reason for blocked accounts is forbidden payment methods, such as prepaid debit cards. Operators may be able to detect this case through the player’s bank account details.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 5: Bonus harvesting

Block Accounts

Many Malaysia online casino tends to offer various bonuses to attract new players to sign up. Bonuses include cashback, free spins, etc. Online casinos will block accounts if they find out that players are harvesting bonuses by opening multiple accounts.

Some Malaysia online casino may offer bonuses to players who refer friends and family, even with the same IP address, as long as players aren’t taking advantage of the bonuses. They can claim it.
Some players tend to hide their original IP address by using Surfshark VPN to harvest bonuses for other geographical locations, but this can be tracked, and players will be permanently blocked.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 6: Violating Terms And Condition

Block Accounts

Another reason that online casinos will block accounts. Same as other businesses. Malaysia online casino has a government policy to follow. You have agreed to follow the Malaysia online casino terms and conditions when you sign up for any Malaysia online casino. Any players who fail to follow accordingly, the casino will block accounts accordingly.

The most common rule that players will break is creating multiple accounts and providing false documents for verification.

Reasons That Malaysia Online Casino Block Your Account 7: Data Breach

Block Accounts

Online casinos will block accounts if they detect hackers gaining access to the casino database. Blocking the account helps prevent the hackers from stealing from your bankroll or personal information.

Every online casino will have its security measurements to prevent unauthorized access. If there is any data breach, they will take action immediately. Some online casinos will ask players to change their passwords before starting any transaction or playing any online casino games.

Here are some common reasons that Malaysia online casinos will block accounts. By understanding these reasons, you can prevent your accounts from being blocked. If you want to know if MD88 will blocked your account, check out their terms and conditions.

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MD88 Singapore Extraordinary Review 2022

MD88 Singapore – As a Singapore online casino, we focus more on Singaporean players. There are many online casinos out there, and you may be curious about why you should choose MD88 Singapore online casino to play your online casino games. Then you are in the right place. We will have a full review on MD88 Singapore to let you know more.

MD88 Singapore is one of Singapore’s best online casinos and has a fuss-free, user-friendly website. By providing all kinds of online casino games, from slots to live table games, they aim to meet all your needs by becoming a one-stop online casino.

Every online casino game is created with the most up-to-date and advanced tech and allows Singapore players to have the most immersive experience. You will know more about it with the information we will provide below.

About Singapore Online Casino - MD88 Singapore

Md88 Singapore

With so many competitors in the market, MD88 Singapore is one of the leading suppliers of online casinos. They offer a wide range of first-class online casino games in a safe and user-friendly gaming environment. They are one of the most trusted and reliable online casinos in the market today.

MD88 Singapore offers its members in Singapore a wide selection of online casino games. The casino games include live casino table games, sports betting, and slots game. To provide the best service online to their members, they offer a unique and exclusive support guarantee. They are available 24/7. Members and the public can contact them through e-mail, live chat, and phone calls.

With the wide range of online casino games and outstanding customer support, MD88 Singapore is the obvious choice for Singapore players.

MD88 Singapore Online Casino Promotions - New Members

Md88 Singapore

Online casino promotions are one of the most important attractions for members to join. You must be curious what kind of promotion MD88 Singapore will be giving out? Let’s have a quick view of the MD88 Singapore promotion package. 

New Member SGD10 Rewards – Members will get an SGD 10 free bonus credit upon registering. Members will need to sign up and complete the form with detailed information. They are required to subscribe to MD88 Singapore Telegram. Once a member’s identity is verified, the promo will proceed to their MD88 wallet. 

168% Welcome Starter Pack – You will receive a starter pack with an SGD1,000 bonus. Members are required to make a minimum first-time deposit/transfer of SGD50 to receive this starter pack. A full bonus can only be claimed after the first and second deposit. 

Appslot Welcome Bonus 88% – You will get up to SGD388 upon your first deposit. 

For complete information and the term of conditions of the above promotion, please visit MD88 Singapore.

MD88 Singapore Other Promotions

Md88 Singapore

Besides the promotions for new members, there are other promotions as below:

SGD3888 Weekly Rescue Bonus – You can claim up to SGD3,888 as a rescue bonus as an extra margin. This weekly accumulated loss amount calculation applies to all providers. The weekly accumulated loss amount needs to be SGD 10,000 and above.

SGD888 Birthday Cash Bonus – Celebrate your birthday with MD88 Singapore. Cash reward up to SGD888. 

SGD888 Refer-A-Friend – By referring a friend to play in MD88 Singapore, you will get an SGD888 cash reward.

SGD888 Crypto Weekly Bonus – Deposit a minimum amount of SGD 1,000 worth of Bitcoin or USDT in a week to get an extra weekly bonus up to SGD888.

Sportbook Daily First 20% Bonus – Interested in sports betting? Deposit in your favorite sportsbook, and you can get an extra 20% daily first deposit bonus up to SGD200. 

For complete information and the term of conditions of the above promotion and other promotions, please visit MD88 Singapore.

MD88 Singapore Online Casino Games

Md88 Singapore

As one of the best Singapore online casinos, MD88 Singapore provides a wide range of live table casino games, slots, and sports betting. The games that you will find in MD88 Singapore online casino come from a selection of different developers. 

You can find a few selection of software providers for live casino games in MD88 Singapore, there are providers such as WM casino, Sexy casino, and GD casino.

If you love number games, they have the number, live number, and Keno games. 

Slot games are one of most popular Singapore online casino games. There are plenty choices for you to play with in MD88online. Their respective developers includes Playtech, Jilislot and many other more. 

Besides that, their sports betting includes betting games such as horse betting and AFB88.

MD88 Singapore Banking Information

Md88 Singapore

The banking part will be the most important part in an online casino. The available banking payment method will be Fastpay. Banks include DBS Singapore, OCBC Bank Singapore and UOB Singapore. If you are using cryptocurrency, you have an additional choice for deposit.

You can deposit within the range of SGD10 to SGD 10,000. Process time needed will be 1-3minutes. There are a few important notes that you need to take notice of.

  • Member’s name must be the same as the registered account with MD88 Singapore.
  • All deposits and withdrawal processing times are subject to internet banking availability.
  • A large withdrawal amount will take a longer processing time.
  • Member must meet at least one (1) time turnover of the deposited amount before a withdrawal can be made.
  • Withdrawal is not allowed if the rollover requirements for any bonus claimed have not been fulfilled.
  • Please retain any transaction detail as they will request proof of deposit.
  • Please liaise with their Customer Service via live chat for more info for other local banks not listed.

How To Contact MD88 Singapore?

Md88 Singapore

To give members a unique gaming experience, MD88 Singapore is available 24/7 to help solve members’ inquiries and problems. 

Members can contact them through phone, email, Wechat, Whatsapp, and telegram. They even have a live chat on their website. You don’t have to worry about the languages as they can communicate in English, Chinese and Malay. Details are as below:

Phone No. : +601150426666

Email :

We Chat: md88_official_

WhatsApp : +601150426666


Why Should Singapore Players Play At MD88 Singapore?

Md88 Singapore

There are many Singapore online casinos. What makes MD88online stand out from all of the online casinos? 

Here are some reasons that Singapore players should play at MD88online.

Professional Customer Service Team – Available 24/7 in different channels.

Safe & Friendly Environment – Ensure players enjoy their favorite online casino game.

Rapid Deposit & Withdrawal – Allows players to save time while enjoying their games.

Lucrative Sign-up Bonus – Reward loyal members who enjoy playing with them

Wide Range Of Online Casino Games – Players can enjoy their game anywhere. 


A good Singapore online casino gives you a secure and whole package to enjoy yourself. This includes game choices, payouts, bonuses, and security. With so many attractive promotions and various online casino games to play, you will enjoy your time playing at MD88online.

Don’t ignore the outstanding support that you can get from MD88. Good support for gaming advice, payout help, or any other assistance you need will help you in your gaming experience. Never underestimate the importance of service. You wouldn’t know when you will need the help. Your Singapore online casino experience will start from MD88online.

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